HP Z VR Backpack Launch at SIGGRAPH 2017 (Ingles).

IT Creations was invited to an exclusive HP event, centered around SIGGRAPH 2017, to promote their latest innovation in VR, the HP Z VR Backpack. It may be a strange form factor for a workstation, but this system packs all the power of a mini workstation and includes a high-performance P5200 graphics card from Nvidia. The VR Backpack is designed specifically to support commercial applications in VR that not only promise to reduce prototype concept to production time, but also has important applications in medicine, architecture, engineering, and of course gaming. This new platform makes the creation, and consumption of virtual reality seamless, with a wearable workstation that can be worn to fully immerse the user in an untethered VR environment. Application integrated VR tools also allow designers to continue the design process using hand held joysticks to view and modify the VR project on the fly. Designers can move back and forth between an immersive experience to view and tweak designs and then the compute component can be easily removed from the harness and placed into a docking platform to power your 4K monitors, audio, and other ISV certified programs to continue the design process.

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