z/OS systems management experts rely on having fast and accurate information about their enterprise to quickly identify problems, locate the root cause and take the appropriate actions. The OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270UI is the strategic interface for these subject matter experts to manage their z/OS infrastructure and key subsystems. To help new users become familiar with the Enhanced 3270UI we have planned a series of webinars. In DB2 application problem diagnosis, understanding what happened in the recent past is as critical as understanding what’s happening now! The Enhanced 3270 is IBM’s modernized monitoring platform for the 3270 and many of those powerful diagnostic features from the classic 3270 are incrementally being added to the Enhanced 3270. In today’s webinar, we explore OMEGAMON DB2’s ability to look at recent DB2 and application events using the new ‘thread history’ feature of the Enhanced 3270 UI leveraging the vastly improved the filtering, sorting, etc. capabilities of the Enhanced 3270. Join us to see the latest extension from the OMEGAMON DB2 team to the Enhanced 3270.